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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1-3)

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers (3)

Power Rangers Zeo (4)

Power Rangers Turbo (5)

Power Rangers In Space (6))

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (7)

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (8)

 Power Rangers Time Force (9)

Power Rangers Wild Force (10)

Power Rangers Ninja Storm (11)

Power Rangers DinoThunder (12)

Power Rangers SPD (13)

Power Rangers Mystic Force (14)


Team-Up Monsters


Episode Guide



Shadow Board




Welcome to Shadow Realm: 2005. We are planning for the future here and looking into the best interest of this website and the fans who view it. This website was created for the fans and is an un-official Power Rangers website. The Shadow Realm has been handed over to new co-owners and is now managed by a team effort. While we may make changes we want to maintain the basis on which this website was created, for the fans to enjoy. Since this site has been down and all we have are the old files with pics and bios we are starting from scratch for the most part in the reconstruction of this site. We have many plans that may involve changes but it is our intention for it to all turn out for the best. As an attempt to greater promote this website if you have a website of your own we would like to encourage you to download the new logo at the top of this page and place it in the links section of your site, if you would. Thank you for your time and patience and we hope that you will be pleased with what we plan to do. As much as we would like to we cannot set an official launch date but we are we are planning to wait until it is completed to upload everything so if it seems like a while before our next update we are likely still working on finishing everything.                                     -7-27-05