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Mesogog is the result of a lab experiment gone bad and now Dr. Anton Mercer shares not only his body, but is mind as well with this creature Mesogog, however both of them are never in control at the same time. Mesogog's goal is to return the earth to it's original state of when dinosaurs ruled the world. To do this he needs to obtain a strong source of power, only the Power Rangers stand in his way.



Elsa is a lethal cyborg, loyal to her master. She carries a sword as her main weapon and is a skilled warrior. She has a rivalry with Zeltrax. Elsa has been revealed to also be Principal Randall at Reefside High School, this is likely to obtain information regarding Dr. Tommy Oliver and the Power Rangers and to try and make life miserable for them.




Zeltrax was once Dr. Oliver's colleague, named Smitty, who he competed against for a job with Dr. Mercer. To get revenge he began to do dangerous experiments which nearly led to his detruction. Mesogog found him and rebuilt him using cybernetic technology, making him a cyborg. Now his goal is to get revenge on Dr. Oliver. He was destroyed when his ship exploded but later returned as "Super Zeltrax"


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